Psychic and Intuitive Guidance and Coaching

Reverends Dame Rebecca and Dr. Dean use their combined talents to guide you towards healing and optimal health. After joining the CoDS, enroll in our Guidance and Coaching service, just $300 annually and buy your recommended support products through public store and the private store. We answer your texts, emails, and phone calls—-and you make the changes to heal. "


Amazing Healing

When they were children growing up, both Dr. Howell and Rebecca dreamed of being healers. Rebecca dreamed of becoming a doctor, but lacked the money to go to medical school. Rebecca even had some episodes as a healer when she was a girl. As she grew up, she discovered that she had intuitive (psychic) talents. When she told others, they reacted with distrust and suspicion. She kept it to herself until she attended college. One day she was showing off her abilities at the college student union, and a professor recruited her to work for the government as a psychic. After a few sordid years, the glamor of government work lost its luster. 30 y ...

Healing or Paid Services? Our healing servcies outlined

An essential part of our services is something that we can’t quantify–how do we place monetary values on healing? In our modern times, there is no “medical healing.” Instead your doctors provide you with treatments—and they hope that you may be healed. Treatments do not usually lead to healing! Treatments usually lead to…more treatments! When we work with our hands on your body, we must look inside ourselves to link to God’s healing forces. For us, it can be both a physically painful yet uplifting experience. For you, it will be our gift to you—as it occurs during the course of our treatments. So for the time that Dr Howell and Rev Rebe ...

The Center of Healing

Welcome to the site to change yourself! Dr. Dean Howell, a naturopathic physician licensed since 1982 has given up his traditional naturopathic practice—to be a healer! His services are now offered with his partner, Dame Rebecca Hart Malter, as healing ecumenical services from the NCR Healing Center, a service of Church of Divine Structure. What’s the difference? Aren’t all physicians healers? In a word, NO. First, let us differentiate between symptomatic treatment and healing (or curing): According to Dorland’s Medical Dictionary naturopathic medical treatment means that the cause of the medical problem is treated, and with allop ...


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