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Welcome to the site to change yourself! Dr. Dean Howell, a naturopathic physician licensed since 1982 has given up his traditional naturopathic practice—to be a healer! His services are now offered with his partner, Dame Rebecca Hart Malter, as healing ecumenical services from the NCR Healing Center, a service of Church of Divine Structure. What’s the difference? Aren’t all physicians healers? In a word, NO. First, let us differentiate between symptomatic treatment and healing (or curing): According to Dorland’s Medical Dictionary naturopathic medical treatment means that the cause of the medical problem is treated, and with allopathic medicine the symptoms are treated. By definition, then, medicine is either naturopathic or allopathic. When a surgeon sets your leg, it is naturopathic. When you take an antihistamine or an aspirin for your knee, that’s allopathic. It isn’t the license that defines the therapy, it’s the nature of the results. Naturopathic doctors are frequent users of allopathic treatments. Medical doctors routinely use allopathic methods. But occasionally even an MD can perform a naturopathic treatment. Look at your health insurance policy. Does it say that you will be made healthy? Can you even receive healing services? Will it classify those kinds of services as out-of-network and refuse the coverage? Or does it instead say that the insurance will help you to manage your health issues? Does “health care management” mean healing? I don’t think so. In fact, I am sure that it means that you are not healed, but your symptoms will be controlled (managed) so that you can still go to work. This has been the orientation of health care systems since they were begun by the Rockefeller Foundation and insurance companies in the early 1900s. ————————- Dr. Howell was a naturopathic health care activist in the 1980s. He wanted naturopathic medical practice laws would allow a doctor to use his/her judgment and skills to to heal a person using any methods that the doctor chose, and wanted insurance coverage that would pay for it. (We were so optimistic in these days, weren’t we?) In the early 1990s, after naturopathic health care laws in Washington State were modernized, new medical insurance coverages including naturopathic physicians were created. Dr Dean chose to not have his clinic join because the insurance companies dictate practice treatments. If insurance won’t pay for a service, most medical schools and most clinics won’t offer the therapy at all. Chronic complaints are treated by insurance, of course, but the more expensive, more frequent, treatments that are curative treatments are usually outside the health care maintenance system. But surgery and medications are readily available with health management programs, again cheap and rarely excellent for controlling symptoms and even less likely to heal. —————————— Want to get healed? For that, you are on your own. Do you even know of anybody who has been healed by a doctor? Of course you do, but it just isn’t planned on. Does your doctor look like he/she will be alive until age 100? If a person is 70 and has no history of heart problems, he/she is very likely to live to 100. Will your doctor? If not, why do you trust his/her treatment concepts? ——————————- TRANSFORMATION THROUGH TRANSMOGRIFICATION Say what? What does this mean? This means: We help you to transform yourself through surprising, subtle, or magical methods. Does this mean that we have pills, potions, incantations, or spells that will magically transform you? NO. Instead we recommend a very subtle, conservative approach: we recommend a diet that is a million years old. We have people kill their bacteria, viruses, yeast, fungus, and parasites using a variety of herbs, oils, and common substances. We blend a variety of physical medicine methods, always including NeuroCranial Restructuring and combine it with bodywork and point holding/stretching using our special mixture of Body Electronics, Jin Shin Do, TKM, Pain Neutralization Technique, and other methods…to gradually remove traumas from your musculoskeletal system and permanently stabilize your structure in better and better patterns. NeuroCranial Restructuring, now more widely known as NCR, is a technique originally named in 1995 by Dr Howell after he had spent 10 years revising the Bilateral Nasal Specific work of his mentor, Dr J R Stober, into a comprehensive, all-body manipulation therapy. The revisions were based on concepts he had lectured on at Bastyr University and naturopathic conventions during the 1980s. Many physicians, listed elsewhere, had their initial exposure to Dr Howell’s concepts of asymmetrical manipulation with BNS, ECM, and NCR courses with Dr Howell before they “invented” their derivative treatment techniques (such as ABC, CRT, NCRT, FCR and others). —————————————————- Dr. Dean stopped practicing medicine to do something better: healing. Why manage your health? Why not heal yourself instead? Do you know that your health insurance will only pay for treatments that will correct the current diagnosis. And only pay for treatments that are widely accepted as appropriate for the diagnosed condition. This means that they rarely pay for treatments of the conditions that underly all of your health conditions. You see, they are only maintaining your health. Not getting you better, just maintaining you as you are, kind of okay—let’s hope. Your doctors have been trained to practice the same sort of medicine: they do their best to help you “get back to normal.” Elsewhere you can read Dr. Howell’s harrowing healing journey. Look at his photos from the past and look at him now! These are the results of a seven-year journey that shows you that anybody can become healthy if he/she has the perseverance and dedication! And he’s not done yet! Work with Dr Dean and Dame Rebecca and you will have the opportunity to learn from these masters of healing while you TtT into your new life! When you get healthy enough through the broad collection of healing methods that Dr. Dean and Dame Rebecca now call Transformation through Transmogrification or TtT (say Tee-tee-Tee), then your tissues get so clean, optimized in fact, then reset and fix themselves. Grey and white hair have normally colored hair at the roots. The age spots fade. With the added results of NCR, we can see the posture , face, head, and pelvis normalize. Through Transformative Bodywork, even bunions, overly high arches, flat feet, and scars all over the body can all be lessened and greatly improved through Reconstructive Bodywork. We can treat you and teach you to do achieve these same kind of results! But it is a lot of continuous effort. It is both compelling and difficult. It may be expensive for the Bodywork/NCR/Energy Healing, but the results are very long-lasting and rarely require repetition once fixed. This is especially true if you have suffered very much trauma. Scar tissue and other traumatized connective tissues respond well to Reconstructive Bodywork. Are we magical and mystical? Rebecca and I are both ordained Catholic ministers who know that healing occurs, and we are a link between you and God—for you to heal. We are not witches, warlocks, or satanists. I no longer practice medicine, though. Because of that, I am no longer required to keep medical records. After all, most of the information they save are, in general, useless data that is not pertinent about you. With the help of Dame Rebecca, I haven’t needed to order laboratory testing these past 3 years. I can’t keep records of the nuances of the patterns of muscle knots and skeletal asymmetry. Occasional photos are good enough for that. The medical records I was taught to regard as essential are generally not information to help heal you. Look at my pictures on this page. Read my story if you want more detail. We help you to transform using diet, nutraceutical, herbs, and nutritional supplements, physical medicine treatments,

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