Healing or Paid Services? Our healing servcies outlined

An essential part of our services is something that we can’t quantify–how do we place monetary values on healing? In our modern times, there is no “medical healing.” Instead your doctors provide you with treatments—and they hope that you may be healed. Treatments do not usually lead to healing! Treatments usually lead to…more treatments! When we work with our hands on your body, we must look inside ourselves to link to God’s healing forces. For us, it can be both a physically painful yet uplifting experience. For you, it will be our gift to you—as it occurs during the course of our treatments. So for the time that Dr Howell and Rev Rebecca spend with you, they get $600 an hour. This includes Rev Rebecca’s exotic point-holding techniques, as well as the NCR and the ultra deep Howelling methods. Rev Rebecca’s techniques have saved lives, but they are very subtle, requiring no pressure or hand strength. It is surprising to most people that these energetic treatments, despite the low pressure, are often painful. There are other skills they have that are more difficult to evaluate financially. This, then, they must give to you. They will share their time with you once you are following a program with them. You pay $429 a year for a program of their nutritional guidance,. Sign up and then their sharing with you begins. Both of them, especially Rev. Rebecca, have psychic/intuitive knowing about your physical state. A program/protocol is developed, you get it explained to you, and you get a text copy. Then the supplementation that you need is ordered by you from our store. This will not be a repeat of nutritional support supplementation with (for example) Vitamin D or zinc tablets. We shall show you—you will not need to take pills all of the time to create your health. Instead, you will treat the actual causes. Sometimes, when you want to get aggressive, then you will be taking a lot of stuff. It will be episodic, when you choose. You will go through times when you will need to use supportive supplements, but then these times will pass and you will be on little. There is little use of non-curative pills, liquids, etc. because multi-vitamins and other supplements are not needed—nutritional deficiencies are not the causes of most health problems. Bad eating patterns, metal and chemical exposures, bacterial, yeast, fungus, mold, and parasite infections, vaccine residues--–these are what you need to treat out. Rev Rebecca and Rev Dr Howell have successfully worked with people with combinations of these complex conditions for many years—with great skill and amazing results! Now, using their advice, you can have everything you will need for health—accurate advice combined with convenient, online supply. Their work is pretty amazing. Our prices are competitive, too. And some of our stuff you won’t find anywhere else. We think we have the best healing store on the planet! HYPERLINK Treatments [Sign up here]

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