Amazing Healing

When they were children growing up, both Dr. Howell and Rebecca dreamed of being healers. Rebecca dreamed of becoming a doctor, but lacked the money to go to medical school. Rebecca even had some episodes as a healer when she was a girl. As she grew up, she discovered that she had intuitive (psychic) talents. When she told others, they reacted with distrust and suspicion. She kept it to herself until she attended college. One day she was showing off her abilities at the college student union, and a professor recruited her to work for the government as a psychic. After a few sordid years, the glamor of government work lost its luster. 30 years ago Rebcca turned her talents towards medicine and healing. She studied many diverse healing subjects. She learned many treatments. She combined all of this knowledge with her intuitive skills and developed wonderful protocols. Sometimes her patients told her that she healed them! Rebecca was improving those skills when she began working with Dr. Howell. Dr. Howell grew up with many health problems and had little success with medical therapy. He felt that nobody was interested in getting him better, He knew that he could be much better, somehow. He decided that studying medicine would allow him to solve his own health problems. He went to naturopathic medical school and became very fond of therapies. The therapies that he liked best were those that had lasting results. Naturopathic medicines and therapies made the most sense to him because then they didn’t have to be repeated. The teachers at the medical school taught that, when you selected well, then the therapies chosen would lead to healing. When the symptoms stopped, this was a sign that the therapy had healed. But it turned out that wasn’t true. Healing is more than getting rid of the symptoms, or even getting rid of the cause of the symptoms. Dr. Hieronymus, Dr. Howell’s favorite teacher, said that Healing was “to Treat the Cause Behind the Cause, Behind the Cause.” Over their combined 70+ years of practice, Dr. Howell and Rebecca have tried many methods of treatment. They are excited to now say that they are seeing evidence of true healing that their methods are producing now. The successes we CoDS healers are seeing are most easily demonstrated by looking at Dr. Howell’s body. Watch his 2014 video further down the Home Page. See how fat he was? What has happened since then is his healing. This is not an example of successful therapies. It is much more… How do we do it? We have you change everything! Come in and let us evaluate your body and structure. Let us overhaul your lifestyle. Use our technologies to protect your body, your house, even your car. If we do enough together, you, too, will undergo healing. Let us help you! Look through this extensive site. You probably need to do a lot of it! We do all of this ourselves. REGISTER

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